Our Mission is create a Cyber Nation that connects the world with the goal of creating prosperity for all of Humanity by sharing our knowledge, expertise, and WISDOM

Peace can be achieved through Prosperity


OPTIAM Cyber Nation is developing a new Internet with a governance structure and a commitment to Truth to Power.  The technologies we are bringing forth through collaboration and technology integration among A-list inventors, entrepreneurs and visionaries will have the same profound effect on today’s Renaissance as the Gutenberg printing press had on the previous one.



OPTIAM in cooperation with Phoenix Global Consortium is establishing strategic partnerships and relationships around the world in order to create an infrastructure that facilitates sharing our know-how, tools, and technologies so that everyone can prosper.  In addition, we have the innovation that can restore the environment to its pristine origins including “greening” the desert and wastelands.  Phoenix Global Consortium is comprised of inventors, entrepreneurs and visionaries dedicated to creating solutions to the Planet’s most pressing issues.

Tiger Film Productions is a multi-media content creation and distribution company.  It is teamed with OPTIAM and Phoenix Global Consortium  in order to incorporation leading-edge technologies for content creation and advanced distribution.  In addition, Tiger Film Productions is Wholesale NFL Jerseys Paypal working with Worldwide Rescue in order to create documentaries and education content bested on its partners and associated technologies.


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